High School Band

High School Band


October 8
Please familiarize yourself with the audition requirements, they are available on the High School Band section of the NEKMEA website and at ksmea.org/hsband/excerpts/. We use the same requirements as the KMEA All-State Auditions. All directors registering students for district auditions are required to have a current NAfME membership.

Oct. 9 thru Nov. 8
HS Band and Jazz Band Auditions - $20 Late Registration Deadline
Any registrations received during this time-frame will be $20 per audition.

On-Site Registration
On-site registration on the day of auditions will be $50 per audition. Please make ALL EFFORTS to register by the initial deadline. Every late registration creates more work for our volunteers.

NEKMEA District Band Auditions
Saturday, November 9
Eudora High School, 2203 Church Street, Eudora, KS 66025

7:30 AM
  • Student Meeting in the Gym
  • Directors Meeting (location TBA)
8:00 AM
  • Judges/Door Monitors/Students Report to rooms
  • Door Monitors distribute numbers and meet with students
  • Judges meet in the rooms
8:45 AM Auditions Begin, results posted and folders distributed in the commons area as audition rooms finish
  • Students: Must stay to pick up folders and fill out information if they are selected for an honor group
  • Directors: All directors who have students auditioning are required to help during auditions
December 7 - NEKMEA "Mini Convention"
Bands Site: Seaman High School, 4850 NW Rochester Rd, Topeka, KS 66617
  • Registration begins at 7 AM
  • Rehearsals begin promptly at 8 AM
  • We begin calling alternates at 8 AM
January 11
Instrumental Live Auditions for KMEA All-State Bands, Jazz Band, and Orchestra
Salina-Lakewood Middle School
  • Any student who performed with the District Honor Bands and meets the state criteria for participation is eligible to audition
  • Please refer to the KMEA website for more information. ksmea.org/liveauditions

KMEA Membership Requirement

The NEKMEA board voted to require membership in NAfME-KMEA in order to register students for NEKMEA honor groups. This is in line with the KMEA policy requiring membership in order to register students for KMEA All-State ensembles.

  1. Join NAfME. Indicate Kansas in your membership profile.
  2. Set up an account in the KMEA Members website. This creates a connection between your NAfME profile and KMEA's registration systems.
  3. After creating an account in the KMEA Members site, select your district affiliation so you may participate in elections.
  4. When registering students for NE district or All-State ensembles, your NAfME ID will be part of the registration.
  5. Do not wait until the deadline day to start this process!
1234A Band
Katie Grose
Meriden-Jefferson West HS
619 Condray
Meriden, KS 66512
c: 785-640-4613
w: 785-484-3331

56A Band
Eric Bradshaw
Topeka HS
800 SW 10th St
Topeka, KS 66612
w: 785-438-5850