High School Band
Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

High School Band


Gold 1234A - TBA
Red 56A - TBA
Blue 1-6A - TBA

Important Dates
Sep. 9 - Business Meeting @ Lawrence HS
Oct. 10 - Audition Registration deadline ($10 per audition)
Nov. 8 - Late Auditon Registration deadline ($20 per audition)
Nov. 9 - Final Audition Registration deadline ($50 per audition)
Nov. 9 - HS Auditions @ Eudora HS-MS
Dec. 7 - Mini-Conventions (Bands @ Topeka-Seaman HS)

Membership Requirement
All directors registering students for district auditions are required to have a current NAfME membership.

Audition Requirements
There are three requirements for a student to be eligible to audition for the NEKMEA Band, Jazz Band or Orchestra Winds/Percussion membership:
  1. The student must first be a performing member of their school's band program.
  2. The student's director must submit an online audition form and a printed form with payment to NEKMEA for each student auditioning. This form must be submitted by the deadline established by NEKMEA.
  3. The student must be deemed an eligible freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior in good standing in their high school.
Music Requirements for the Live Audition:
  1. A chromatic scale slurred up and tongued down. Quarter Note MM= 60. Play the rhythm as written on the scale sheet. Memorization is not required.
  2. One major scale, as written on the scale sheet, with up to 4 sharps or 4 flats. Quarter Note MM= 60. Play the rhythm as written on the scale sheet. Memorization is not required. All scales will start on the notes indicated on the scale sheet for their instrument. Each scale is non-transposed (i.e., if a trumpet player is asked to perform a C scale, they will be expected to perform a C scale on their instrument, not a C concert scale.) The major scale for each instrument will be posted by the band chairpersons on the morning of live auditions.
  3. Scale sheets are included in the new audition excerpt files indicating articulation and range for each scale. Please perform the rhythms as indicated with the metronome setting of quarter note equals MM=60
  4. Sections of the required etudes/solos.
  5. Sight reading
Audition Excerpts
We use the same excerpts as the KMEA All-State Wind & Percussion Auditions.

Audition Cuts
Not yet available

Audition Location
Eudora High School, 2203 Church Street, Eudora, KS 66025

7:30 AM
  • Student Meeting in the Gym
  • Directors Meeting (location TBA)
8:00 AM
  • Judges/Door Monitors/Students Report to rooms
  • Door Monitors distribute numbers and meet with students
  • Judges meet in the rooms
8:45 AM Auditions Begin
  • Students should report to the audition room when they are ready to audition, without leaving open gaps.
  • Directors: All directors who have students auditioning are required to help during auditions
  Music will be sent electronically to the directors in the next few days following the auditions. Original parts/music will be provided the day of the clinic.
NEKMEA Mini Convention
Bands Site: Seaman High School, 4850 NW Rochester Rd, Topeka, KS 66617
  • Registration begins at 7 AM
  • Rehearsals begin promptly at 8 AM
  • We begin calling alternates at 8 AM

KMEA All-State
Please refer to the KMEA website for more information.

KMEA Membership Requirement

The NEKMEA board voted to require membership in NAfME-KMEA in order to register students for NEKMEA honor groups. This is in line with the KMEA policy requiring membership in order to register students for KMEA All-State ensembles.

  1. Join NAfME. Indicate Kansas in your membership profile.
  2. Set up an account in the KMEA Members website. This creates a connection between your NAfME profile and KMEA's registration systems.
  3. After creating an account in the KMEA Members site, select your district affiliation so you may participate in elections.
  4. When registering students for NE district or All-State ensembles, your NAfME ID will be part of the registration.
  5. Do not wait until the deadline day to start this process!
1234A Band
Steven Rathert
Perry-LeCompton HS
PO Box 18
Perry, KS 66073
w: 785-597-5124

56A Band
Sarah Grose
Topeka HS
800 W. 10th Ave
Topeka, KS 66612
w: 785-295-3150
Important Dates - HS Band
Sep. 9, 2024 - Mon
Business Dinner & Meeting
Lawrence HS
5:15 PM - New Teacher Meeting
6:00 PM - Dinner
6:45 PM - General Business Meeting
7:00 PM - Breakout Sessions (Band, Choir, Orchestra)
Oct. 10, 2024 - Thu
Audition Registration Deadline — HS Band, HS Jazz Band
$10 per audition
Nov. 8, 2024 - Fri
LATE Audition Registration Deadline — HS Band, HS Jazz Band, HS Orchestra
$20 per audition
Nov. 9, 2024 - Sat
FINAL Audition Registration Deadline — HS Choir, HS Band, HS Jazz Band, HS Orchestra
$50 per audition
Nov. 9, 2024 - Sat
District HS Honor Group Auditions
Eudora HS & Eudora MS
Dec. 7, 2024 - Sat
Choir: Topeka HS
Orchestra: Topeka-Washburn Rural HS
Band: Topeka-Seaman HS

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