Middle Level Orchestra
Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

Middle Level Orchestra Roster


Sections are listed in alphabetical order.

Violin 1
  • Sam Barron, Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights MS
  • Brynlee Best, Topeka-French MS
  • Karen Cisneros, Lawrence-Billy Mills MS
  • Leo Fabian, Kansas City-Harmon HS
  • Ashley Farfan Quintero, Kansas City-Wyandotte HS
  • Kaylee Fernandez, Topeka-Washburn Rural MS
  • Raquel Flores, Kansas City-Schlagle HS
  • Addison Foley, Lawrence-West MS
  • Itzy Gomez, Kansas City-Wyandotte HS
  • Lyric Hinnant, Topeka-West HS
  • Jenna Lane, Topeka-Robinson MS
  • Christian Lopez, Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights MS
  • Isabel Luellen, Lawrence-Liberty Memorial Central MS
  • Yessi Marrufo-Dominguez, Kansas City-Wyandotte HS
  • Hannah McCollum, Kansas City-Schlagle HS
  • River McCoy, Topeka-Washburn Rural HS
  • Mariah McDonald, Topeka-Washburn Rural HS
  • Saul Medrano Cabrera Jr., Kansas City-Northwest MS
  • Natalia Mesta-Romero, Kansas City-Northwest MS
  • Jimena Nevarez, Kansas City-Schlagle HS
  • Pietro Noronha, Lawrence HS
  • Keira Norris, Lawrence HS
  • Ezra Phelps, Topeka-Landon MS
  • Anthony Ponce Magana, Kansas City-Washington HS
  • Aaria Rashid, Lawrence-Free State HS
  • Lilly Rogers, Topeka-Chase MS
  • Roger Rojo Perez, Kansas City-Rosedale MS
  • Makayla Romines, Kansas City-Rosedale MS
  • Jonathan Sarinana Valdez, Kansas City-Washington HS
  • Katherine Serrano Salazar, Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  • Sejun Yun, Lawrence-Southwest MS
Violin 2
  • Jazlyn Bettcher, Topeka-West HS
  • Rebecca Gale, Lawrence-Southwest MS
  • Luis Galindo Estrada, Kansas City-Wyandotte HS
  • Rayona Grayson, Kansas City-Washington HS
  • Kelly Hernandez, Kansas City-Wyandotte HS
  • Melissa Irigoyen, Kansas City-Argentine MS
  • Jorge Jimenez, Lawrence-Billy Mills MS
  • Wyatt Jones, Topeka-Landon MS
  • Natalia Mata Garcia, Kansas City-Harmon HS
  • Rey McCarroll, Lawrence-Liberty Memorial Central MS
  • Angel Mendoza Chaparro, Kansas City-Harmon HS
  • Ya Ya Pacheco, Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  • Aileen Pardo, Kansas City-Eisenhower MS
  • Aiden Remmert, Topeka-Washburn Rural MS
  • Rogelio Romo Rodriguez, Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  • Alondra Salas-Trujillo, Kansas City-Washington HS
  • Madalyn Shaffer, Topeka-Chase MS
  • Clara Sobba, Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights MS
  • Zooey Vaughn, Lawrence-West MS
  • Natalia Venegas, Topeka-French MS
  • Berta Zunun-Gomez, Topeka HS
  • Vedsai Badrivenkata, Lawrence-Southwest MS
  • Mariana Bernard, Topeka-French MS
  • Joslyn Brown, Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  • Macey Cathcart, Topeka-Washburn Rural MS
  • Lily Crispin, Topeka HS
  • Zoe DeBoard, Lawrence-Liberty Memorial Central MS
  • Emmy Diaz-Marin, Kansas City-Eisenhower MS
  • Sage Fitzgerald, Topeka-Landon MS
  • Marcus Lee, Topeka-Chase MS
  • Manning Makayla, Kansas City-Washington HS
  • Jaeden Mendes, Topeka HS
  • Yessenia Montez Martinez, Kansas City-Arrowhead MS
  • Hser Moo, Kansas City-Northwest MS
  • Collin Ploharz, Lawrence-West MS
  • Alexander Rodriguez Barrera, Kansas City-Wyandotte HS
  • Anastasia Salas, Kansas City-Northwest MS
  • Elia Santos, Kansas City-Wyandotte HS
  • Jolee Santos, Kansas City-Harmon HS
  • Jenna Spaar, Topeka-West HS
  • Adrianne Spain, Topeka-Washburn Rural HS
  • Alex Velasco-Crates, Lawrence-Billy Mills MS
  • Maeva Vigil, Lawrence-Free State HS
  • Carter Vincent, Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights MS
  • Kal Warren, Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  • Eden Watkins, Topeka-Landon MS
  • Ashley Zamorano-Gonzalez, Kansas City-Argentine MS
  • Janessa Anderson, Kansas City-Argentine MS
  • Zira Anderson, Topeka-Robinson MS
  • Ashten Barajas Brown, Lawrence HS
  • Kylie Brooks, Topeka HS
  • Sevon Covington, Topeka-Landon MS
  • Darin Fehr, Lawrence-Free State HS
  • Miguel Garcia De La Paz, Kansas City-Wyandotte HS
  • Finley Guccione, Topeka-Washburn Rural MS
  • Ellen Hanrath, Lawrence-West MS
  • Mercury Huff-Williams, Lawrence-Billy Mills MS
  • Kenzie Lawson, Topeka-Washburn Rural HS
  • Claire Lindemyer, Lawrence-Liberty Memorial Central MS
  • Brayden Miles, Kansas City-Northwest MS
  • Simon Phelps-Roper, Topeka-West HS
  • Lily Portillo, Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  • Davin Potts, Topeka-Washburn Rural HS
  • Leo Roenfeldt, Lawrence-Southwest MS
  • Stevie Roman, Lawrence-Liberty Memorial Central MS
  • Lajora Smith, Topeka-French MS
  • Iris Soldanels, Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  • Anderson Sowers, Lawrence HS
  • Everett Still, Kansas City-Harmon HS
  • Angel Aguilar, Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  • Enzo Cabrilo, Topeka-Washburn Rural MS
  • Ewan Campbell, Lawrence-Free State HS
  • Micah Cordes, Lawrence HS
  • Richie Elizalde, Lawrence-Southwest MS
  • Kio Ford, Lawrence-West MS
  • Brooklyn Hummer, Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights MS
  • Jimmy Pargeets, Lawrence-Billy Mills MS
  • Atticus Segraves, Topeka HS
  • Laneeiah Wilkins, Topeka-French MS
  • Josiah Winter, Topeka-West HS
Heather Madgwick
Lawrence-West MS
2700 Harvard Rd
Lawrence, KS 66049
w: 785-832-5500
Important Dates - ML Orchestra
Sep. 11, 2023 - Mon
Business Dinner & Meeting
Lawrence HS
5:15 PM - New Teachers
6:00 PM - Dinner
6:45 PM - Business Meeting
Oct. 11, 2023 - Wed
Nomination Deadline — ML Orchestra, Elem. Orchestra
$10 participation fee per selected student
Dec. 2, 2023 - Sat
Choir: Topeka HS
Orchestra: Topeka-Washburn Rural HS
Band: Topeka-Seaman HS

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